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The health crisis caused by Covid-19 brings with it new opportunities for the real estate sector. Now it is up to us to understand how to optimize and redefine market shrinkage.


The health crisis has put a spotlight on the pre-existing and pressing need to invest, develop and adapt solutions to answer to environmental, social and economic challenges. Covid-19 has made it clear that there is a need now for responsible change, something long considered voluntary in the past. There are clear signs out there – city traffic, the state of the environment, the fast and stressful pace of life – all clamoring for our attention.


AD&P offers two areas of specialization: Corporate Interior Design, for 37 years now, and Architectural Design, for over 20 years. We are part of the CCC19, Covid-19 Awareness Center, that comprises over 15 national and international organizations that contribute their experience and as well as information generated in Asia, Europe and the United States, with the purpose in mind of providing assertive information on the return to offices and workspaces in a safe manner. It is estimated that approximately 30% of the population that worked in an office before the health crisis will not be going back to workspaces on a regular basis.


The adoption of distance education and work, together with reduced mobility in cities, has become the major pilot test for a new way of living more consciously, more humanly, more intelligently and more sustainably. We have learned to carry out multiple activities at home, develop new consumer habits (online services), we have significantly reduced daily transportation costs to and from work centers, and city streets have become more traffic friendly. The new generations are demanding that we seize this opportunity to change what we have defined thus far. Let’s step into the future!

Our job as Architects is to create functional spaces for present and future generations, to seek middle ground between what we are familiar with and what the future dynamics will demand of us, to develop multifunctional, walkeable communities, with flexible housing buildings that encompass all the activities that we carry out now, interconnected to green areas, open commercial spaces, office hubs, medical services, and spaces that are inclusive for senior citizens so they may lead active, healthy lives.


At AD&P we are ready. We have the information, experience and methodology (Design Thinking) in place to guide our clients on how to propose and define new communities for our future users, either in the suburbs or through interconnection to existing developments in major cities.” / José Peña Jurado DG AD&P


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