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The city receives a new “pedestrian” space framed by a modern corporate complex and a large tower over 70 meters high.

On Thursday, March 11, in the city of Monterrey, the official inauguration of Torre MOTOMEX was held, the most modern building for corporate dinners in the center of the city.

Strategically located on the corner of Pino Suárez and Carlos Salazar, the new property houses the offices of Grupo MOTOMEX. It has administrative and commercial areas that support the various companies of the Monterrey consortium.

With a total of approximately 24,500 square meters, La Nueva Torre includes a 14-level main office building, with approximately 12,000 square meters of profitable area, a 9-level secondary parking body with capacity for 400 cars, as well as a heliport .

The four upper floors are occupied by the corporate operating areas of Grupo MOTOMEX, the rest of the available space, this provision of future tenants who wish to locate themselves in a formal and modern environment, with the advantages that state-of-the-art technology grows and the convenience of a strategic location first painting of the city.

The New Corporate Tower has two main entrances, one towards Pino Suárez Avenue and the other through Carlos Salazar Street. The main lobby is an impressive triple-height space, made up of the reception, the waiting room, the museum area and an imposing “helical” staircase, at a wide mezzanine level; There are multipurpose rooms, a boardroom and an interactive open space for informal meetings. These spaces have support areas for service and drinks.
The MOTOMEX Group project also included exterior and interior expansion and remodeling of the motorcycle and spare parts exhibition and sale area of ​​the Monterrey company Motorcycles and Equipment, with more than 50 years of tradition in the industry.